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Italicized words with an *asterisk are spelled in the Algonquin Language.

Enrollment in the *Chappiquiddic Tribe, First People of Chappaquiddick, Martha's Vineyard, *Massachuset is based upon our Roll of 1849-1861. Any person who can document their direct lineal descent from a specifically identified *
Chappiquiddic Indian on the 1849-1861 Census Roll of the Tribe, shall be eligible for Membership.

1.  The Enrollment process begins with filling out the Preliminary Application, and submitting a $50.00 application fee; payable through this website, (THE LINK IS LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE). To; OMC Faith /  and must accompany this application.

2. Upon Receipt you will be notified of the next step in process in finalizing your application.

3. Completing a Genealogy Form and submitting Proof of Relationship in the form of Birth, Certificates, Death certificate, baptismal records etc.

No person shall qualify for membership if they are a member of any other Tribe, band or Clan, of Indian community unless they relinquish their membership in such. It is the responsibility of the parents to enroll their children within six months of birth in order to be an enrolled member of the Tribe. In all enrollment proceedings, the burden of proof is on the applicant, and final decision is based upon the Chief of the Chappiquiddic Tribe.

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